TCG Bohemia s.r.o. is a company focusing on the implementation of business projects in a great number of sectors. Our company is led by a team of progressive-thinking people who have been operating on the market since 2005. Within this period, we have successfully implemented a number of interesting projects, whereas our aim is to create synergies between them and, by doing so, increase their effectivity. The knowledge and experience of our specialists constitute the basis for a successful implementation of the projects. We strive to be farseeing and we look for the opportunities beyond traditional areas that appear to be highly perspective. Investment into our own research and development projects and cooperation with academic and scientific institutions help us to further promote our projects to the public. We appreciate the environment in which we live and carry out our business. We support charitable and non-profit projects and we try to increase awareness of this social responsibility in every area of our activity. Primarily, we focus on the areas of education, research and development.